Making Perfectly Clear Ice Balls

Making Perfectly Clear Ice Balls

Right here is how to make perfectly clear ice balls in your home using a silicone ice ball mold and an Igloo cooler. If you purchased an ice ball maker and attempted all the suggestions like filtered water, boiling water, double boiling water, distilled water and so forth and have yet to make perfectly clear ice spheres like you see in all the images online then this video is for you. So unless you have a pricey clear ice block maker like the high end cocktail lounges what are you to do? So you need to ask yourself are you ready to take your home cocktail ice seriously? Because serious, isn’t always easy. But it does come with serious benefits.
Right here is what you will need:
Whiskey Rounders 6 Ice Ball Mold (Amazon).
2 Paint Stir Sticks or Thin Wood Stock 1/4 inch thick (Home Depot/Lowes/any Paint Store).
9 Quart Igloo Cooler (Walmart/Target).
Poultry Baster (Walmart/Target/or your Kitchen Drawer).

1. Use thin wood stock and cut to size and slide into grooves on Igloo cooler.

2. Fill cooler to top with water.

3. Fill Whiskey Rounders Ice Ball Mold with water (filtered/bottled water works best) and submerge in cooler with all the fill holes pointing towards the top.

4. Now cover 3 fill holes on same side of the mold with your fingers and gently flip ice ball mold keeping the uncovered side submerged as you invert mold so all fill holes are now pointing down to the cooler bottom resting on the wood. Now remove excess water till it is just above the wood supports. Siphon excess water with turkey baster.

5. Put cooler in freezer for 24 hours.

6. Take out cooler from freezer let sit for 5 to 10 minutes then put one hand inside cooler and flip cooler with other|hand. Block of ice inside cooler ought to slide out if not wait a few more minutes.

7. See how directional freezing works. Ice freezes directionally. All the tiny particles and air are forced to the bottom of the cooler. Clear ice forms 1.5 inches up from the bottom of the cooler.

8. Use an ice pick to chip around the mold when you have a loosened end jiggle back and forth and chip gently till the entire mold releases from the ice block.

9. Success Crystal Clear Ice Balls!

Since we are going to be serious about our home based cocktail spheres isn’t better to make six of these perfectly clear ice balls at simultaneously? Then check out Whiskey Rounders silicone ice ball mold on Amazon. Now simply repeat with your preferred fruit and produce amazing garnishes that are crystal clear.

Thanks to:.
Camper English Alcademics for the work he did with the Cooler Technique.