Lemon Peel Ice Balls Recipe

Lemon Peel Ice Balls Recipe

How To Make Lemon Peel Ice Balls
Ingredients: 2 lemons, paring knife, spoon

(preferably bar spoon), Whiskey Rounders Ice

Sphere Mold
1. Cut ends off lemon
2. Insert spoon between peel and pith. Go as deep as the middle of the lemon then slowly turn the lemon till it goes around freely. Flip ends and repeat.
3. The fruit and part of the pith should now be loose. Slice 1/2 way down and now you will be left with just the peel.
4. Roll the peel like a jelly roll then slice 1/4″ sections and place in the Whiskey Rounders Ice Sphere Mold.
5. Fill with water, lemonade, or tea and freeze 4-6 hours
6. Remove from freezer let mold warm to room temperature 4-6 minutes before removing Lemon Peel Ice Balls. Enjoy.


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