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Here is what Leon had to say about Whiskey Rounders:

“Whiskey Rounders are fantastic! Whiskey Rounders are the perfect stocking stuffer for that friend or family member with a bar in the man-cave! In fact, no man-cave bar, or any other bar, or prized collection of whiskeys would be complete without Whiskey Rounders now that they are available to the general public! No excuse! (more…)

Whiskey Squares Ice Cube Tray Set

Whiskey Rounders is happy to announce the arrival of Whiskey Squares Ice Cube Tray Set. These fun colored silicone ice trays are being offered on Amazon they make perfect 2 inch ice cubes that are easy to remove. Each tray makes 8 giant cubes and can be used for baking up to 450 degrees and is BPA Free and made from durable flexible FDA Grade Silicone. “The Cure For The Watered Down Cocktail”

Who would of thought that you can cook with your Whiskey Rounders? These lava chocolate cake balls were baked at 350 degrees for 23 minutes. One silicone ice ball mold was sprayed with cooking spray and the other one not. One was filled to the center line and came out perfect, no overflowing. The other was filled to the fill line and flowed over like lava but the ball inside the 6 ball silicone mold was perfect. The chocolate cake balls were delish! Use your favorite chocolate cake mix and fill mold using a funnel make sure to leave a little space for air between the funnel tip and mold top hole. Use Pam to grease ice mold and don’t overfill, a bit above the middle seems to work great. Have fun and enjoy!

A Six Pack of Giant Jell-O Shots

Use the Whiskey Rounders sphere ice mold to make huge jello shots. Each mold cavity holds 4 ounces of liquid so these are definitely bigger then your average Jello-O shot ha Boo Boo! 24 ounces of yummy goodness. Its worth a shot trying, pun intended. Here is our recipe.

Whiskey Rounders Jello ShotRecipe
6 ounces of your favorite Jell-O or other gelatin (any flavor)
2 cups boiling water
1 cup (8 ounces) Vodka (or other Distilled Spirit)
1 cup cold water

1. Mix 1 cup of water and Vodka and chill in fridge for consistent temperature.
2. Mix Jell-O with 2 cups boiling water for 2 minutes till completely dissolved.
3. Pour into mold using funnel to fill line.
4. Refrigerate overnight for best result.
5. Serve cold use spoon to remove from mold serve in low-ball glass.

Enjoy. BTW the kiddies love these sans the alcohol!

If you’re fortunate enough to live above a bar that has an ice block maker and are on good terms with the barman then you’re golden. But if you’re like most of us you are just out of luck. So you’ve probably seen these giant ice orbs floating in perfectly good Scotch and wondered how I can do that at home. There are several ways for the home cocktail enthusiast to make ice balls. The first way is to freeze a large block of ice and using a knife and an ice pick carve it into an ice sphere.  (more…)

Recently the cocktail ice trend has gone spherical. This development started in Japan several years back with talented barmen carving beautiful round ice balls out of big chunks of ice. Witnessing this hand carving technique is fun and entertaining. (more…)